Isn't it time we kicked pseudoscience out of personality tests?

We're sorry... but you need to know this. Today's personality tests resemble a modern medicine show complete with miracle elixirs. Even the biggest brands like Myers-Briggs and DISC are riddled with flaws that are potentially damaging to your business and without any real scientic substance.

Utilizing the extensive knowledge of Dr. Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy - a leading authority on Neuropsychology and bestselling author of Harvard Business Review - and an armada of tested and validated science, GALTON has been built with the sole purpose of fixing a broken industry. The real kicker though is that we actually give our clients a documented competitive edge in both recruitment and performance across the organization - and we would love to help you as well. Because you and your organization simply deserve better!

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Archetypes are bad for you

Sure, archetypes are catchy and easy to understand, but they simplify and reduce personalities to generic categories and are downright misleading.

You really need to be looking at Traits and States instead.

Traits as such are nothing new in modern personality testing. In fact the scientific foundation known as The Big Five or OCEAN has been around since the 1980's - and been widely ignored or misused for just as long. Galton is bringing science back in fashion with these validated Traits:

  • OCEAN (Openness, Contentiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism)
  • Emotional (Susceptibility to Change, Self-Awareness, Rumination, etc.)
  • Social (Empathy, Risk, Intertemporal, Implicit Association, etc.)
  • Cognitive (Reaction, Perception, Impulse Control, Learning, etc.)

These are fairly static, whereas States are fluctuating and should be monitored over time. Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and Mind State (consisting of 9 substates) are the most significant States to track.

View a completely list of Traits and States.

Current personality tests quite often provide us with nothing but fake insights and a false sense of security. To be honest it is a bit of a mess.

Michael Andersen
Leadership Philosopher, Visiting Lecturer & Former Group HR Director
Michael Andersen with a quote on personality testing


Built on science


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Neuroscience meets Experimental Psychology

Personality assessment is a billion dollar market, but sadly the vast majority of brands and tests are built on a novel idea instead of validated science.

As a matter of fact personality types don't even really exist from a scientific point of view. They are more akin to a horoscope - vague enough for everyone to agree with without providing any truly useful knowledge. Often adding a confining label to them in your mind (she's an Instigator!) that prevents your from the seeing their true personality.

Don't feel bad if you weren't aware of this. Our studies show that 98% of HR professionals and top level managers aren't. But we also found that quite a few knew on some level and barely used the results as other than a form of indulgences when recruiting.

And you know now... and that comes with an obligation. An obligation towards yourself, your colleagues, your organisation, and the people applying to be a part of it.

It's time to revolutionize personally testing and make personality assessment an actual value-adding tool. We say revolutionize, but we've done the hard part. From your point of view the rest is pretty damn simple. So get in touch now!

Galton is built on a immense amount of knowledge and fueled by a frustration of a flawed indutry that has conquered the business world over the last decades.

The personality assessment landscaped is riddled with new "inventive" branches of testing that essentially are untested novel ideas. Instead, Galton stands on the shoulders of giants as curators of their validated contributions to the scientific field.

...and then we add our own data. Through our proprietary cutting-edge technology we have gathered extensive data from more than 15000 proprietary neuroscans granting us unique and unparalleled insights into the mind and personality assessment.

You might have noticed how the "science" behind a test tends to be hidden and is to be accepted at face value. And to be fair - how on Earth can you tell the difference between solid science or a sales machine (yes, personality test companies are often founded by sales managers).

Well, challenge accepted! Take our hand and we'll guide you through the science behind Galton.

Don't feel like getting nerdy? Don't worry, the World's biggest brands, scientific institutions, and news outlets have done the research and come to us as the leading authority on neuroscience.

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